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Solar Power

Solar power is the procedure of using sunlight and turning it into another energy source. Slowly, unfortunately, it is becoming a reliable substitute to regular power sources in remote areas.
Solar Power is been used in outer space. Solar power is used in homes, lighting, architectural projects, and cooking, the list is endless. It has become even more popular as the cost of fossil fuel continues to rise.
Solar panels are designed to collect the power from the sun. Read more

solar panels

The sun emits every day an immense quantity of energy if this energy was collected a single day in a year it would be enough to power all electricity needs of all countries on earth for 1 all year!

Solar Powered Homes

With the rising costs of electricity bills and the situation of the oil supplying countries, it would be plain madness if the US did not start looking for alternative energy supplies; one of this obviously is Solar Energy, unlimited, non-pollutant, extremely cheap in the long run.
California is in our opinion leading the way; a recent proposal from California Officials is that in the next 10 years, half of the homes build in California be build ready to be powered by solar power. And nearly every where in the US and in most developed countries there is the project to give tax rebates to home builders who agree to install solar panels on their new solar powered homes.
If such project is implemented, the price of solar panels will greatly decrease.  Read more

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Solar Panels are like generators that work with sunlight, instead of petrol. They produce electricity without waste, noise or pollution. There is no better way to power your home. Solar Panel Organization aim is to help you decide for yourself!

Electricity from Light: How?

Light striking certain materials causes the surface of the material to give out electrons. It is as if light someway kicks electrons right out of atoms. Light striking other substances causes the substance to accept electrons. It is the combination of these two substances, the accepting and the emitting that can be made use of, to cause electrons to flow through a conductor.

This is the so called photo-electric effect. Photovoltaic means sunlight converted into a flow of electrons (electricity). Photovoltaic devices, or solar cells, are like generators that work with sunlight, instead of petrol. They make electricity without waste, noise or pollution. They produce electricity without combustion. A solar cell is a solid state device in which there are no moving parts (except for photons and electrons) so nothing wears out. Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of solar power:

Advantages of Solar Panels

The 122 PW of sunlight reaching the earth's surface is plentiful compared to the 13 TW average power consumed by humans.

Solar power is pollution free during use. Production end wastes and emissions are manageable using existing pollution controls. End-of-use recycling technologies are under development.

Facilities can operate with little maintenance or intervention after initial setup. Read more



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